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  Custom Databases Developed in Microsoft Access

Following is a list of custom databases that are available for download.  If you want a copy of these, please give us a call.  

Simple Manufacturing 3.0
Scope:  ERP/MRP application to manage all business activities including
Accounting, Customer Order Management, Purchasing, Inventory Control,
Bill of Materials, Job Costing, Engineering Change Orders, Quality Control,
Customer Service and Product Support.

Typical Industry: Manufacturing, Engineering Services, Distribution
Microsoft Access 2000, SQL Server 2000
Multiple-Users, User Level Security

Internal Auditing Database
Scope:  Internal Auditing database that identifies auditing requirements,
schedule, audit results, and follow-up requirements.

Typical Industry: Any
  Microsoft Access 2000, 


Non-Conforming Material Database
Scope: Non-Conforming Material database to record non-conforming
material, material disposition, and disposition follow-up, and ability to
identify trends by supplier, process and/or inspector.

Typical Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution
OS:  Microsoft Access 2003, 
  Multiple-User, Group Level Security


Employee Database (Labor Tracking / Vacation / Personal Time Off)
Scope:  Track employee daily labor hours per job, and mange their
earned/used vacation and sick time.

Typical Industry: Any
Microsoft Access 2000, 
  Multiple-User, User and Group Level Security


Post-Sale / Product Support Database
Scope:  Database to manage product at time of original shipment to
customer through products end-of-life. Track product out on loan and/or
demonstration, replacement units, warranty repair status, and other
product support equipment.

Typical Industry:
Field Service / Advance Exchange / Equipment Loaners
OS: Microsoft Access 2003
Environment:  Multiple-User, Group Level Security



Database Providers
Call us for a quote or free consultation at 
(858) 335-6421 or 
e-mail us at info@databaseproviders.com

Project Scope
No project too small or too large! 

Our business has grown primarily by word-of-mouth referrals.  That is a testament to the quality of service we provide. 

We strive to make sure this path to new business remains strong, by continually delivering top-notch service, quality and integrity in all that we do.



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