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  About Us

Founded in 2001, we have a track record of delivering superior software solutions backed by the highest level of customer service.  We bend over backwards to ensure that your software is doing exactly what you need it to do. 

Our Values
  Customer Driven - The success of our customers is our highest priority! 
  Integrity - Our services will be straightforward and honest. Our repeat business and 
     word-of-mouth referrals is a testament to our customers satisfaction.
  Practicality - We strive to provide the simplest and easiest solution.

Company History
  During years of working with many different off-the-shelf ERP/MRP business systems, nearly all 
     required expensive support contracts, extensive training, and many resources to support it. 
     Their lack of flexibility resulted in businesses changing their way of doing business, to doing it 
     the way these systems supported.  One must ask themselves, Why?  Custom database 
     applications could easily satisfy the requirements most small to mid-sized companies have.    
     Custom Microsoft Access databases are inexpensive to develop, flexible, and they are open 
     source - meaning you own the code, and can change it as your business changes. They support   
     up to 256 simultaneous users.  Security features allow you to manage users and 

Principle Consultant
  Tim Dodge has 20+ years of Operations, Engineering, Management and Information Technology 
     experience in hi-tech electronic manufacturing, telecommunications, and semiconductor 
     industries, commercial and military environment, with small to mid-size companies.  He holds a 
     Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and Masters of Business Administration from San 
     Diego State University. 

     He is the developer of "Simple Manufacturing", a fully-integrated business system, designed to 
     help small to mid-size manufacturing and OEMs manage their business.  It was created in 
     Microsoft Access, and can be used as a stand-alone or client-server application in a single or 
     multi-user environment.  It integrates all aspects of business from Accounting, Sales Order 
     Management, Purchasing, Item Master, Configuration Management, Work Order Management, 
     Quality, and Customer Service. 



Database Providers
Call us for a quote or free consultation at 
(858) 335-6421 or 
e-mail us at info@simplemanufacturing.com



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