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Sales Order / Quote Manager:

Automatic Sales Order / Quote Number Generator
Create Quotes and Convert to Sales Order Once Customer Purchase Order Is Received
Sales Order Approval Status and Process
Bill To Address Can Be Different Than Ship To Addresses 
Multiple Ship To Addresses Per Customer
Attach Unlimited Amount of Documentation to Sales Order
   Examples: Customer Purchase Order, Terms and Conditions, and Quality Assurance
Up To Four Different Part Numbers Fields Per Sales Order - Internal, Customer, 
   Product Code, Product NameAssign Job Cost Account to Sales Order
Multiple Ship To Addresses per line item
Two Dates Per Line Items - Internal Need Date and Customer Ship Date
Identify Shipping Method At Line Item Level
Comment Field Per line item
Define Taxable Status at Sales Order Line Item
E-Mail Sales Order Acknowledgments / Quotes To Customer
Unlimited Contacts Per Customer
Ability to Create Multiple Forecasts
Track Product(s) As-Shipped Configuration by Serial Number, Part Number, and 
   Revision Status. Include Unlimited Sub-Assembly Information

Database Providers
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(858) 335-6421 or 
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Employee Labor Tracking
Purchasing Management
Inventory Management
Item Master
Job Cost Accounting
Bills Of Material
Work Order Management
Change Order / ECOs 
Customer Support / RMAs
Quality Assurance




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