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Pricing / Support:
Single-User System (not open source): $2995
   Includes all Modules, Installation on Single Computer. No SQL Back-End.  Intended for 
   single-user usage.  Not installed as, nor licensed for, more more than one simultaneous user  
   when single-user option is purchased. 

   Can be upgraded to Multi-User System at any time at the below listed pricing (Single-User 
   Payment Credited).
   Upgrade Pricing:
   Multi-User:      $3000

Multi-User System (open-source):
   Unlimited User System:      $5995

   Includes all Modules, Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, Creation of  
   initial UserIDs and User/Group Security Rights, and the Front-End Application file. 

Multi-User User Licensing: 
   Unlimited. Users are created and manged by the workgroup file provided with the purchase of
   the multi-user version. 

    In terms of physical installation, this will be installed as a front-end / back-end application.  The 
   back-end will reside on a network computer (server preferred), and the front-end file will reside 
   on each workstation. 

Training / Support:
On-Site Training Available. 
Numerous Support Channels: Telephone, E-Mail, Remote Access, On-Site Support, and Support 
   Contracts Available.

Database Providers
Call us for a quote or free consultation at 
(858) 335-6421 or 
e-mail us at info@simplemanufacturing.com

Modules Included:

Employee Labor Tracking
Sales Order/Quote Manager
Purchasing Management
Inventory Management
Item Master
Job Cost Accounting
Bills Of Material
Work Order Management
Change Order / ECOs 
Customer Support / RMAs
Quality Assurance


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