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  Client List

The following is a partial list of companies that Database Providers, and its principals, 
have serviced over the years:

Alternatives Pregnancy Crisis Center (www.pregnancyescondido.com)
American Integration Technologies / American Sheetmetal (www.americansheetmetal.com)
AG Edwards (www.agedwards.com)
Broadband Innovations (acquired by Motorola)
EMI Technology Phoenix Incorporated (www.emiaz.com)
Emmanuel Faith Community Church (www.efcc.org)
General Atomics (www.ga.com)
Hi-Tech Electronic Manufacturing (www.hitem.com)
Hoffman Schutz Media Capital (www.hs-media.com)
Hose Techniques (www.hosetechniques.com)
LAPG (www.lapolicegear.com)
Master Manuals (www.mastermanuals.com)
NiteRider (www.niterider.com)
Northrop Grumman (www.northrupgrumman.com)
Precision Engine Controls (www.precisioneng.com)
Sensoria (acquired by www.tranzeo.com)
Southwestern College (www.swcc.edu)
Tiernan Communications (acquired by (www.radyne.com)
The Tea Cart (www.theteacart.com)
University Readers (www.universityreaders.com)
.....Call for complete list.

Client Testimonies

"Database Providers helped enhance our existing Microsoft Access donor and patient tracking database to make it more user friendly, streamlined our data entry processes, as well as provided us with useful and flexible reporting capabilities. They reduced a specific task from several weeks to complete, to less than 1 week! They are professional, talented, experienced and provide superb customer support.  Highly recommended for any Microsoft Access database needs."
Elaine Marshburn, Executive Director
Alternatives Pregnancy Care Clinic

"We needed a highly flexible product tracking system.  Database Providers not only built a system to our initial requirements, but also taught us how to adapt the system to our changing business environment.  As we continued to expand the systems capability, Database Providers was always there to give us any assistance we required."


Ginny Barrs, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Broadband Innovations



Our business has grown primarily by word-of-mouth referrals.  That is a testament to the quality of service we provide. 

We strive to make sure this path to new business remains strong, by continually delivering top-notch service, quality and integrity in all that we do.



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