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Simple Manufacturing?/b>

Manufacturing and Engineering Design Software for Small Business 

Our Mission Statement  
To be the preferred provider of low-cost, open-source, database and information technology solutions to small and mid-size companies in the manufacturing, electronics, telecommunications, military, medical, construction and aerospace industries.  

Why Choose Simple Manufacturing?
Fully-Integrated Application to manage all aspects of your small business.
Accounting, Sales Orders, Item Master, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Inventory, Bills Of  
   Material, Engineering Change Orders, Shipments, RMAs, Job Costing and Quality Assurance 

Designed by small business Directors, Managers, Engineers, Assemblers - not just 
Simple Manufacturing was, and continues to be, developed based around real-world experience.  
   Its modules, and integration processes were, and continue to be, developed and tested by 
   Accountants, Engineers, Operations Managers, Quality Assurance Mangers, Document Control 
   personnel, Assemblers, and the likes.   

Developed in Microsoft Access?and Distributed as a Microsoft Access application.
It is developed using Microsoft Access?/b> as the user-interface and data storage, with the option to 
   use a SQL server to store the data (back-end). Microsoft Access is easy to learn, does not require 
   extensive "programming" courses or experience.   You do not need to be a programmer to 
   modify and add new features and functionality. 

Simple, yet Powerful Approach.
Why burden yourself and your companies resources by having unnecessary bells and whistles?  
   You want to add those later - fine add them when the time is right.

Open-Source Application.
You can make the changes to the application as the need arises.  We cannot predict all of the 
   functionality that you will require.  We will provide training to support personnel so that they are 
   confident with making changes, adding functionality, and creating custom reports that become 
   necessary as your business grows or changes.  

Fully-Integrated Modules
Accounting - General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Chart of Accounts, 
   Financial Statements. Learn More..

Sales Order / Quote Management - Track Sales Orders, Quotes. Manage Customer Information. 
   Learn More..

Purchase Order Management - Manage Purchase Orders and Request For Quotes (RFQ). Manage  
   Supplier Information. Learn More..

Item Master - Manage Items, Approved Vendor Lists, Approved Manufacturer Lists, RoHS, UL, 
   FCC Compliance. Learn More..

Job Accounts - Manage job accounts, costs, on-budget analysis. Learn More..

Bill Of Materials - Manage bills of material, product documentation, revision history. Learn More..

Inventory Management - Manage issues, adjustments, excess, obsolescence, cycle counting.  
   Learn More..

Work Order Management - Track Work Orders, Create Work Order Travelers, Work Order 
   Shortages, Allocations, Issues. Learn More..

Material Requirements Planning - Run regular reports identifying material demand, need dates    
   and supplier information. Learn More..

Change Orders / Engineering Change Orders - Manage change orders, deviations, affectivity 
   dates. Learn More..

Product Support (RMAs, Exchanges, Loaners) - Manage RMAs, Exchanges, Loaners throughout life 
   of product. Learn More..

Quality Assurance - Track Non-Conforming Material, Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions, 
   Procedures. Learn More..

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Employee Labor Tracking
Sales Order/Quote Manager
Purchasing Management
Inventory Management
Item Master
Job Cost Accounting
Bills Of Material
Work Order Management
Change Order / ECOs 
Customer Support / RMAs
Quality Assurance

Choose Your Business System Wisely:

Review its flexibility, scalability, and support contracts. Compare its functionality with that of your business. Don't change the way you conduct business to meet its requirements. Find one that closely follows your business model and practices.


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